Boat Repair — Marine Products & Repairs in Mackay, QLD

Marine mechanical repairs in Mackay

Mackay Marine Services are fully qualified and experienced marine specialists that can handle any maintenance and repair work related to boats. Our mechanic services will ensure that your boat is back to full operation in no time! We can service and repair outboard, diesel and petrol engines, ensuring they are giving you the maximum performance at optimal efficiency.

State-of-the-art Equipment

At Mackay Marine Services we know that proper diagnosis and repair of marine engines can only be carried out with the latest equipment. We have computer diagnostics for most brands of inboard and outboard engines to access the information needed, and the tools needed to carry out the repair.

Warranty Work


Although our engines seldom need it, we can carry out warranty repairs as authorised agents for both Honda and Yanmar engines. If your Honda is still within its warranty period we can carry out your dealer servicing to ensure you get the extended warranties you are entitled to.

Boat Maintenance — Marine Products & Repairs in Mackay, QLD

Timely & Expert Servicing

We understand that timely servicing is essential to our clients. You may be planning an adventure away with the family on the weekend, or quickly passing through our lovely town, not to worry, its nothing we cannot handle! We will get the job done on time, without compromising quality.

We use the best quality parts needed for the job, with the option to use genuine parts or quality after market accessories if needed.